Workshops & programs

Javier designs and delivers high-impact workshops and programs to develop sales, negotiation and account management capabilities. In his programs, he addresses simultaneously the cognitive, behavioural and emotional dimensions that bring about enhanced performance in managerial and customer-facing roles.

Way of approaching

His approach enables diversity of insights, encouraging participants to express their views in ways that enrich analysis and question pre-established ideas of managing and organizing. He also favors evidence-based arguments and judgement, encouraging participation that presents supporting data, examples and other sources of evidence to stimulate valid discussions.


Javier seamlessly blends content and process. When delivering programs, he acts as both an educator providing inputs on specific topics as well as facilitator enabling the consolidation of learning into compelling action plans and pragmatic transformations.



Javier is a skilled speaker with the ability to blend practical cases and examples with tested models and theories to bring about new insights and stimulating ideas.


He can combine a down-to-earth narrative with conceptually rich accounts in his sessions and talks, creating an inspiring space for listeners to engage in reflective practice and critical thinking.


Javier can deliver keynotes, seminars, webinars and panel sessions both in English and in Spanish.

Research and Thought Leadership

Javier conducts and delivers relevant and rigorous research to create new insights about business, markets and customers to inform organisations strategies and processes. Through the use of a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, new understanding and novel knowledge emerges, helping organizations frame and address problems with a fresh approach.

Business Research

This refers to client-funded projects, typically addressing areas of commercial interest and organisational capabilities. Work in this area is often focused on diagnosing key enablers and hinders of sales performance, identifying areas of potential improvement for individuals and teams.

Business research typically assist organizations in choosing customer management approaches and methods to enhance growth and profitability, that are consistent with the culture of the organization and the dynamics of the markets in which they operate based on multi-level data.

Doctoral and Master level research

Javier is an experienced doctoral supervisor and has tutored more than 100 master-level projects. Through his scholarly work, he is able to connect businesses and organisations with academic projects providing joint benefits for both, the sponsoring organisation and the researcher.

Thought leadership

Javier is an accomplished author who publishes practitioner-oriented and academic articles, books, reports and blog posts. He is keen to engage with clients and colleagues to create and disseminate thought leadership and ideas with potential to contribute to organisational development and business and personal growth.


Very often a small group of individuals have the potential to make a real difference in your organization. Javier provides coaching to these individuals as a mechanism to enhance individual performance and to facilitate the process of becoming change agents.

He has a track record for encouraging in-depth and insightful dialogues with those he coaches. Trustworthiness often emerges in these interventions, facilitating underpinning processes of effective coaching such as sensemaking, self-awareness and confidence building.

He is experienced in both coaching sales leaders and sales professionals employing different approaches and techniques for these different roles.

With sales leaders, he engages in those activities deemed crucial to their job such as: sales meetings, performance evaluations, customer reviews, strategy deployment workshops etc. Observing, gathering data and jointly analysing communication patterns and behaviours, he encourages a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of these actions in the context of the intended outcomes.

With account managers and sales representatives Javier ‘immerses’ himself in his coachee’s world, often being involved in real sales meetings (as non-participant observer) and after customer-interactions. He is frequently able to ‘see’ things the sales person does not perceive, and jointly with the sales person, he helps derive plausible explanations and new courses of action and sales strategies, which likely result in increased sales and more meaningful relationships.