Areas of expertise

High-value and complex selling

Professional selling has become tougher and multi-faceted. Javier helps organisations and individuals redefine selling processes to create added value, from initial customer interactions through to deal closure, also shortening the cycle from sales strategy formulation to sales strategy execution.

Underpinning sales effectiveness is the ability to configure ‘fit for purpose’ sales organisations. Javier’s expertise addresses the building and effective management of sales teams, the development of personal competencies, and overall, the enhancement of personal sales performance.

Javier’s approach helps clients grow by:

Devising new methods to gain nontrivial and in-depth understanding of the customer and to develop trusted customer relationships.

Designing compelling value propositions

Implementing value co-creation approaches and customer-driven innovation

Enhancing sustainable sales performance.

Key account management

In most industries, companies’ growth significantly depends on their ability to manage strategic clients. Key Account Management (KAM) has become a widespread approach to creating value in strategic customer relationships in a context characterised by rapid technological development and increasing need of highly collaborative relationships.

Javier’s expertise allows organisations to plan and implement the strategies that generate healthy interdependency, reciprocity, trust and mutual information sharing, increasing the value created in key supplier-customer relationships. His work has become instrumental in helping companies deploy KAM programmes achieving balance and harmonization of strategic and operational practices. Key outputs of his programmes includes:

  • Comprehensive Key Account analyses
  •  Renewed customer portfolios
  • Redefined processes and practices to become more customer-centric
  • New sets of managerial, relational and commercial skills to manage key customers
  • Accelerated change and transformation to shift from transactional to relationship-based models of customer engagement.

Business Negotiation

Negotiation is a crucial skill in business development positions to address the challenges associated to creating and distributing value. Arguably, it is also vital in managerial positions in private, not-for-profit and government organisations.

Javier helps organisations to negotiate more effectively in the context of strategic, team-based, complex, multi-issue agreements. Typically, these situations require advanced competence in influencing and persuading, formulating flexible negotiating strategies, understanding individual’s preferences and developing techniques and tactics for dealing with challenging people.

Characteristics of Javier’s approach to developing business negotiation capabilities:



Combining methods and approaches to develop both individuals’ negotiation skills as well as team and organisational capabilities.



Addressing the cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects of negotiation effectiveness.



Contextualising negotiation programmes in client organisations, emphasising the negotiation outcomes that matter most to them.



Adapting the methods used to maximise value in distributive negotiations and focusing on all parties if the context is integrative and seeking better outcomes for all players.

Javier helps design highly engaged and practical interventions to develop negotiation competence that results in:

• The ability to formulate and to effectively execute negotiation strategies; both individually and within a team
• An in-depth understanding of the psychological factors underpinning negotiation styles
• Enhanced self-confidence and performance dealing with challenging people.
• Confidence that results from engaging in deliberate practice in carefully designed scenarios
• Behavioural change – both personally and at team level, and in a number of cases, transformation of attitudes and beliefs enabling a mindset shift.