Educator. Author. Speaker.

Javier Marcos

Inspiring educator, author and an award-winning speaker, with more than 20 years of expierience working in multinational corporations, academia and consultancy.

He is an Associate Professor of Strategic Sales Management and Negotiation at Cranfield School of Management and his areas of teaching and research focus on High-Value Selling, Key Account Management and Business Negotiation. Javier has designed and delivered programs globally for business and goverment organisations, combining in high-impact pedagogical approaches, real-world expertise and evidence-based insights and knowledge.

Latest blogs:

The Impact of AI on Professional Selling and Sales Management

Artificial Intelligence is now ubiquitous and arguably the next major transformation in business and organizations. We explore the impact of AI on Professional Selling and Sales Management

Sales Leadership Paradoxes

Modern sales organisations are in a state of flux. The convergence of new technologies, increasing stakeholder demands and volatility in the market place, amongst others, are recognised as posing a number of dilemmas to sales leaders. There are two key areas – Leading the business – looking at growing the business and Leading the people – engaging individuals and enabling performance.

Know How

Javier works with clients to develop capabilities in Professional and High Value Selling, Key Account Management and Negotiation.


Javier is an internationally recognised educator, insightful author and high-impact speaker

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